Alex C Brabbs

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Multiple myeloma is a B-cell malignancy characterized by the accumulation of plasma cells in the bone marrow and the development of osteolytic bone disease. The present study demonstrates that myeloma cells express the critical osteoclastogenic factor RANKL (the ligand for receptor activator of NF-kappa B). Injection of 5T2MM myeloma cells into(More)
Bone is removed or replaced in defined locations by targeting osteoclasts and osteoblasts in response to its local history of mechanical loading. There is increasing evidence that osteocytes modulate this targeting by their apoptosis, which is associated with locally increased bone resorption. To investigate the role of osteocytes in the control of(More)
Although best known for its role in cholinergic signalling, a substantial body of evidence suggests that acetylcholinesterase (AChE) has multiple biological functions. Previously, we and others identified AChE expression in areas of bone that lacked expression of other neuronal proteins. More specifically, we identified AChE expression at sites of new bone(More)
Regulation of bone formation is important in the pathogenesis of many conditions such as osteoporosis, fracture healing, and loosening of orthopedic implants. We have recently identified a novel rat cDNA (best5) by differential display PCR that is regulated during osteoblast differentiation and bone formation in vitro and in vivo. Expression of best5 mRNA(More)
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