Alex Burenkov

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In this paper a comprehensive study of the impact of variations resulting from double patterning lithography on SRAM performance is presented. In double patterning, feature sizes are reduced by splitting one mask level into two. Besides the increase of process complexity and costs a further penalty is the introduction of uncorrelated variations between the(More)
The impact of systematic process variations on the pattering for manufacturing of fin field effect transistors (FinFET) has been studied by means of physical-based lithography and topography simulation. To this end, a typical manufacturing sequence for a static random-access memory (SRAM) cell consisting of six transistors has been simulated. Within this(More)
Some experimentally implemented silicon nanowire tunnel FETs with silicided source contacts show an unexpectedly high electrical performance. Simulations using state-of-the-art simulation models and assuming usual device geometries cannot explain the high performance of these transistors: Conventional simulations of such tunnel FETs predict an on-state(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical variability-aware compact model methodology based on a comprehensive simulation study of global process variation and local statistical variability on 20nm bulk planar CMOS. The area dependence of statistical variability is carefully examined in the presence of random discrete dopants; gate line edge roughness; metal gate(More)
A numerically efficient model for the simulation of ion implantation doping profiles in silicon after pulsed plasma immersion ion implantation is suggested. The model is based on an analytical formula for the energy distribution of the ions extracted from the plasma and on the application of this energy distribution in a Monte-Carlo simulator for(More)
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