Alex Boyne

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Fragile X-associated disorders are caused by a CGG trinucleotide repeat expansion in the 5'-untranslated region of the FMR1 gene. Expansion of the CGG trinucleotide repeats to >200 copies (that is, a full mutation) induces methylation of the FMR1 gene, with transcriptional silencing being the eventual outcome. Previous data have shown that FMR1 premutation(More)
1. A study was made in sheep and cattle walking on a treadmill, of the alteration to the energy expenditure that was caused by voluntarily exerted tension in the tether between animal and treadmill. 2. An additional experiment was carried out to investigate in human subjects walking on a treadmill, the alteration to the energy expenditure as a result of(More)
Because of the complexity of the interactions involved very few attempts have been made to trace the fate of ingested food in the course of its digestion and absorption along the alimentary tract of the ruminant. Elsden, Hitchcock, Marshall & Phillipson (1946) made a comparative study of the weights of the digesta and their dry-matter and volatile(More)