Alex Bijamov

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This paper discusses numerical simulations of the magnetic field produced by an electromagnet for generation of forces on superparamagnetic microspheres used in manipulation of single molecules or cells. Single molecule force spectroscopy based on magnetic tweezers can be used in applications that require parallel readout of biopolymer stretching or(More)
We demonstrate in detail a semisupervised scheme to classify unexploded ordnance (UXO) by using as an example the data collected with a time-domain electromagnetic towed array detection system during a live-site blind test conducted at the former Camp Butner in North Carolina, USA. The model that we use to characterize targets and generate discrimination(More)
Force spectroscopy based on magnetic tweezers is a powerful technique for manipulating single biomolecules and studying their interactions. The resolution in magnetic probe displacement, however, needs to be commensurate with molecular sizes. To achieve the desirable sensitivity in tracking displacements of the magnetic probe, some recent approaches have(More)
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