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—We demonstrate in detail a semisupervised scheme to classify unexploded ordnance (UXO) by using as an example the data collected with a time-domain electromagnetic towed array detection system during a live-site blind test conducted at the former Camp Butner in North Carolina, USA. The model that we use to characterize targets and generate discrimination(More)
The ortho-normalized volume magnetic source (ONVMS) technique is applied to a new time domain EMI instrument called portable decoupled electromagnetic induction sensor (PEDEMIS); The system provides multiple deployment options (carted or carried); multimode operation (detection, interrogation, deep detection, wide interrogation); multi static data that is(More)
Discrimination of challenging targets, such as small and deep targets in highly cluttered environments, is still an enormous problem for UXO industry. One way to improve target classification is to enhance the sensor hardware, while another way is to fully utilize the data provided by current EMI sensors, by deploying advanced signal processing approaches.(More)
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