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The neurotrophin receptor TrkA plays critical roles in the nervous system by recruiting signaling molecules that activate pathways required for the growth and survival of neurons. Here, we report APPL1 as a TrkA-associated protein. APPL1 and TrkA co-immunoprecipitated in sympathetic neurons. We have identified two routes through which this association can(More)
There is a growing public perception that intergenerational income mobility—a child’s chance of moving up in the income distribution relative to her parents—is declining in the United States. We present new evidence on trends in intergenerational mobility using administrative earnings records for children born between 1971 and 1993. For the 1971–1986 birth(More)
The B6dom1 minor histocompatibility antigen (MiHA) is a model antigen, since it is both the epitome of an immunodominant epitope and an ideal target for adoptive cancer immunotherapy. Based on DNA sequencing and MS/MS analyses, we report that B6dom1 corresponds to amino acids 770–778 (KAPDNRETL) of a protein we propose to call SIMP (source of immunodominant(More)
This paper develops a framework to study the effects of tax expenditures on intergenerational mobility using spatial variation in tax expenditures across the United States. We measure intergenerational mobility at the local (census commuting zone) level based on the correlation between parents’ and children’s earnings. We show that the level of local tax(More)
Tandem mass spectrometry followed by data base search is the preferred method for protein identification in high throughput proteomics. However, standard analysis methods give rise to highly redundant lists of proteins with many proteins identified by the same sets of peptides. In essence, this is a list of all proteins that might be present in the sample.(More)
We have developed a united atom (UA) nonpolarizable force field for 1-alkyl-3-methyl-imidazolium chloride ([C(n)mim][Cl], n = 1, 2, 4, 6, 8), a potential solvent for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass. The charges were assigned by fitting the electrostatic potential surface (ESP) of the ion pair dimers. The Lennard-Jones parameters of the hydrogen(More)
In this paper a experiment is presented in which two simulated robots evolved a form of communication to allow one of the robots to complete the task of finding a light placed in the world. The robots are constrained so that one has inputs about the world, seeing robot, and the other, blind robot, has no sensors besides an input from the seeing robot. The(More)
Are teachers' impacts on students' test scores ("value-added") a good measure of their quality? This question has sparked debate partly because of a lack of evidence on whether high value-added (VA) teachers who raise students' test scores improve students' long-term outcomes. Using school district and tax records for more than one million children, we find(More)
Project managers love him, recent software engineering graduatesbow to him, and he inspires code warriors deep in the developmenttrenches to wonder if a technology time warp may have passed themby. How can it be that no one else has ever proposed softwaredevelopment with the simplicity, innovation, and automation beingtrumpeted by Architect Tom? His ideas(More)