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Workflow management techniques are aiming at supporting business process across organization boundaries. Current techniques are lacking of the formalism tools to model and analyze workflows in a large scale. And current WFMSs do not have the ability to react to the response of another WFMS dynamically. Using Petri Nets as the modeling tools, we present the(More)
The International Standards Organization (ISO) will release in 1993 the rst version of the STEP standard, which is dedicated to the exchange of product model data, and is seen as the basis of the next generation of enterprise information modeling tools. Almost in the same time frame ANSI will release the Information Resource Dictionary System (IRDS)(More)
The variety of priority queueing systems with random switchover times is suggested in this paper. Such systems represent generalized models for a wide class of phenomena which involve queueing and prioritization and are considered in QoS and CoS network problems. The classification of such systems is given and methods of their analysis are discussed.(More)
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