Alex Barrachina

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This research presents a 3D gestural interface for collaborative concatenative sound synthesis and audio mosaicing. Our goal is to improve the communication between the audience and performers by means of an enhanced correlation between gestures and musical outcome. Nuvolet consists of a 3D motion controller coupled to a concatenative synthesis engine. The(More)
We analyze industrial espionage in the context of entry deterrence. We consider a monopoly incumbent, who may expand capacity to deter entry, and a potential entrant who owns an inaccurate Intelligence System. The Intelligence System generates a noisy signal on incumbent's actions and the potential entrant decides whether to enter based on this signal. If(More)
We analyze industrial espionage in a model of two firms: a monopoly incumbent, M, and a potential entrant, E, who owns a noisy intelligence system (IS) of a certain precisionα . The IS generates a signal on M’s action and E decides whether or not to enter based on this signal. We show that ifα is commonly known, M is the one who benefits from a perfect IS(More)
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