Alevtina Topchyan

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The present study examines the association of the changes in ultrasound velocity measured at 1 MHz using 1.5 micros duration tone burst in the human soleus muscle in vivo with several pathologies including patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) and disorders of the cardiovascular system. Total 127 subjects were investigated, with approximately equal(More)
The cerebrovascular and anti-ischemic effects of dopamine and synthetic docosahexaenoyldopamine (DHA-DA) and the GABA–DHA-DA conjugate (OXL1220) were compared and found to differ. Dopamine and DHA-DA increased blood flow in intact and ischemic brain that was associated with pronounced hypertensive reactions. The latter inhibited dopamine transporter with(More)
More than 50 years ago we demonstrated that the neurosecretory NSO and NPV cells of the hypothalamus can produce not only releasing hormones, such as vasopressin and oxytocin, but also hormones that are able to regulate cardiac activity and coronary circulation. Moreover, we showed that 5–6 min after intravenous administration (1 mg/kg) to a cat of a(More)
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