Alev Kara

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Auditory cortices are interconnected to each other by fibers passing through the corpus callosum (CC). In totally deaf persons no auditory impulses are conveyed to the auditory cortices, hence the auditory pathways become nonfunctional. It was reported that there has been cross-modal plasticity between auditory, visual, and somatosensory cortices. In this(More)
  • Alev Kara, Oya Ögenler, Özlem Elvan, Mersin Üniversitesi, Tıp Fakültesi, Anatomi Anabilim Dalı +7 others
  • 2012
Memories of Anatomy Medical students first meet with the human body and organs, especially the phenomenon of death in anatomy lectures at the first time in their life. In this perspective, anatomy lectures make the students feel that they are being educated in a medical faculty. Besides, the students have to learn a new language " Latin " which makes(More)
PURPOSE The lack of certain quotable landmarks and not taking the morphometric variations into consideration for mandibular nerve blockade can cause some complications. The aim of this study was to ensure there are data for more feasible and successful lateral extraoral approach to block the mandibular nerve by proposing reliable and quotable landmarks. (More)
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