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Glutamate (L-glu) receptors coupled to phosphoinositide hydrolysis in primary cultures of Bergmann cells from chick cerebellum were characterized biochemically and pharmacologically. Both ionotropic and metabotropic receptor agonists stimulated [3H] inositol phosphates accumulation in the following order of potency: QA>NMDA>L-glu>KA∼QA>AMPA>>t-ACPD. QA(More)
Cannabinoid receptor (CBs) agonists affect the growth of tumor cells via activation of deadly cascades. The spectrum of action of these agents and the precise role of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) on oncogenic processes remain elusive. Herein we compared the effects of synthetic (CP 55-940 and WIN 55,212-2) and endogenous (anandamide or AEA) CBs agonists(More)
Diethyldithiophosphate (DEDTP) is a metabolite formed by biotransformation of organophosphorous (OP) compounds that has a longer half-life than its parental compound. Here we evaluate the effects of DEDTP on human CD4+ T lymphocytes. In vitro exposure to DEDTP (1-50μM) decreased [(3)H]thymidine incorporation in resting cells and increased CD25 surface(More)
Cytoskeleton proteins are substrates for proteases and further apoptotic death. We evaluated the participation of cytoskeleton in morphological changes during cell death induced by two apoptotic conditions, potassium deprivation (K5) and staurosporine, in cerebellar granule neurons (CGC). We found that K5 induced somatic damage, but neurites were relatively(More)
AIMS Anti-neoplastic activity induced by cannabinoids has been extensively documented for a number of cancer cell types; however, this topic has been explored in gastric cancer cells only in a limited number of approaches. Thus, the need of integrative and comparative studies still persists. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study we tested and compared the(More)
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