Alethia Hume

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OGSA-DAI is a widely used middleware infrastructure, aligned with the Global Grid Forum's (GGF) OGSA vision, to facilitate uniform access to data resources using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). It is intended to provide a reference implementation of WS-DAI. Initially OGSA-DAI was based on the OGSI infrastructure but recent releases support WS-I,(More)
—Society is moving towards a socio-technical ecosystem in which physical and virtual dimensions of life are intertwined and where people interactions ever more take place with or are mediated by machines. Hybrid Diversity-aware Collective Adaptive Systems (HDA-CAS) is a new generation of socio-technical systems where humans and machines synergetically(More)
In this paper, we introduce a privacy-enhanced Peer Manager, which is a fundamental building block for the implementation of a privacy-preserving collective adaptive systems computing platform. The Peer Manager is a user-centered identity management platform that keeps information owned by a user private and is built upon an attribute-based privacy policy.(More)
We are developing a computer-based microcalciication detection technique | for use in a mass screening context | which prompts the radiologist with the locations of suspicious regions. When evaluating the value of such techniques, ideally we want to measure the resulting improvement in the radiologist's performance, but this is sometimes impractical because(More)
— Classification hierarchies are trees where links codify the fact that a node lower in the hierarchy contains documents whose contents are more specific than those one level above. In turn, multiple classification hierarchies can be connected by semantic links which represent mappings among them and which can be computed, e.g., by ontology matching. In(More)
Palabras claves: Modelado de Agentes, Metodologías basadas en agentes, Ingeniería de requisitos. ser adecuadamente modelados a través del paradigma de agentes. Para alcanzar una solución adecuada para estos sistemas y explorar todos sus beneficios y características especiales es necesario contar con metodologías y técnicas que ayuden al análisis, diseño y(More)