Alethea Adair

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BACKGROUND With a growing number of genetic tests becoming available to the health and consumer markets, genetic health care providers in Canada are faced with the challenge of developing robust decision rules or guidelines to allocate a finite number of public resources. The objective of this study was to gain Canadian genetic health providers'(More)
The CH2Cl2 extract from the pericarp of Garcinia hombroniana yielded three 17,14-friedolanostanes [(24E)-3alpha-hydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-8, 14,24-trien-26-oic acid, methyl (24E)-3alpha,23-dihydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-8,14,24 -trien-26-oate and methyl (24E)-3alpha,9,23-trihydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-14,2 4-dien-26-oate] and two lanostanes [3beta- and(More)
1. It would be useful to see the N of participants in the methods or results of the abstract. • The N of participants has been included in the methods section of the abstract. 2. The results section needs to be a little more detailed, and include the main findings from the study, or highlights of the main findings. Ideally, the results should directly(More)
American Journal of Botany 98(8): 1–10, 2011; © 2011 Botanical Society of America Plants interact with a diverse community both aboveand belowground, and in many cases, interactions in one sphere alter those in the other ( Morris et al., 2007 ). Numerous studies have examined the independent and pairwise effects of pollinators,(More)
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