Alession Carbone

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Power grids exhibit patterns of reaction to outages similar to complex networks. Blackout sequences follow power laws, as complex systems operating near a critical point. Here, the tolerance of electric power grids to both accidental and malicious outages is analyzed in the framework of complex network theory. In particular, the quantity known as efficiency(More)
— We present a model-based approach to the execution and control of an autonomous system, based on flexible behaviours, and supporting a novel view of human-robot interaction. The well-known RoboCup Rescue competition is also discussed and presented as a special case for testing human-robot interaction architectures. The activities of the system, according(More)
Support of unique user capabilities and user needs is a great challenge in the development of Assistive Technologies for people with motor impairments. Often, special solutions are desired, combining input- and output modalities for efficient computer control or interaction with the Smart Environment. The Assistive Technology Rapid Integration &(More)
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