Alessio Vincenti

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BACKGROUND We tested the hypothesis that combinations and total daily doses of psychotropics for hospitalized patients diagnosed with major psychiatric disorders are rising. METHODS We evaluated McLean Hospital records of 481 consecutive inpatients with DSM-IV schizophrenia, schizoaffective, or bipolar disorders in 2004 (n = 278) or 2009 (n = 203) to(More)
BACKGROUND Co-morbid substance-use disorders (SUDs) are prevalent among patients with severe psychiatric disorders, but the characteristics of such patients remain incompletely defined, and their current treatments and responses, poorly documented. METHODS We evaluated the records of 481 consecutive inpatients diagnosed with DSM-IV bipolar or(More)
Treatments given to patients with primary psychotic disorders include mood stabilizers (MSs) combined with other psychotropics, despite the limited evidence of efficacy, safety, and lack of regulatory approval. We analyzed records of 636 inpatients at the McLean Hospital (2002-2009), who were diagnosed with bipolar disorder (n=318), a schizoaffective(More)
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