Alessio Pascucci

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We present a stable and autonomous system based on a strong interaction between visual cognitive inference and actions executed. Mapping, Vision and Navigation are all collaborative agents that work together sharing data to accomplish to complex identification and mapping tasks. The visual process reacts to interesting features in the arena trying to(More)
The area of parallel high-performance programming is currently re ceiving a growing attention, owing to the technological (r)evolution of computer components and CPUs based on single-chip multi/many-core architectures. This phenomenon will imply radical changes in IT community and industry attitude and products, as the sequential programming model(More)
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The objective of the present work is to develop a bottom-up approach to estimate the similarity between two unknown objects. Given a set of digital images, we want to identify the main objects and to determine whether they are similar or not. In the last decades many object recognition and classification strategies, driven by higher-level activities, have(More)
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