Alessio Nocentini

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Two series of 2-benzylpiperazines have been prepared and tested for the inhibition of physiologically relevant isoforms of human carbonic anhydrases (hCA, EC The new compounds carry on one(More)
Being the primary sulfonamide among the most efficient zinc binding group (ZBG) to design inhibitors for the metallo-enzymes carbonic anhydrases (CA, EC, herein, we propose an investigation(More)
Herein we present the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of three different series of novel sulfonamides (3a-f, 6a-f and 9a-f) incorporating substituted indolin-2-one moieties (as tails)(More)
Herein we report the synthesis of two series of novel 4/3-((4-oxo-5-(2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)thiazolidin-2-ylidene)amino)benzenesulfonamides (4a-m and 7a-g). All the newly prepared sulfonamides were(More)
A series of sixteen novel aromatic and heterocyclic bis-sulfonamide Schiff bases were prepared by conjugation of well known aromatic and heterocyclic aminosulfonamide carbonic anhydrase (CA, EC(More)
Herein we report the synthesis of a new series of aromatic sulfamates designed considering the sulfonamide COX-2 selective inhibitors celecoxib and valdecoxib as lead compounds. These latter were(More)