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BACKGROUND The aim of our study was to assess the relationship between cigarette smoking and epicardial fat in a cohort of patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS) at risk for coronary artery disease. METHODS We studied, in primary prevention, 54 subjects diagnosed with MetS. According to their smoking habits, the subjects were divided into two groups:(More)
In this Letter, we propose an engineered design of optical cloaks based on the scattering cancellation technique and intended to reduce the observability of cylindrical objects. The cover, consisting of a periodic arrangement of core-shell nanospheres, is designed in such a way to exhibit near-zero values of the real part of the homogenized effective(More)
Two blood pressure (BP) measurements separated by 3 months were performed according to international guidelines on 2976 students (11 to 19 years) of different economic levels. Obesity was defined based upon height and weight. With the first measurements, 59th and 95th percentile value distribution curves were defined. Systolic hypertension (SH) was found in(More)
In this paper, we present some recent theoretical, numerical, and experimental results related to the application of the mantle cloaking technique in single and multiple antenna configurations. In particular, we propose the design of realistic linear and dual-linear polarized mantle cloaks to cover metallic cylinders that can represent either supporting(More)
In this paper, we show how mantle cloaking can be effectively used in satellite scenarios to reduce the deteriorating effects of the deployable equipment on the link budget between a miniaturized satellite and its ground station. The proposed idea is applied to a nanosatellite scenario and is validated through a simple analytical analysis of its(More)
In this paper, we propose the design of an optical device that is able to selectively absorb impinging light in a desired frequency range while being almost completely transparent outside this range. The proposed absorber is a variant of the optical Salisbury screen we recently proposed [Opt. Lett.41, 3383 (2016)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.41.003383] but,(More)
In this Letter, we propose a method to implement resistive sheets exhibiting a desired value of the intrinsic surface resistance at optical frequencies. Considering the sheet made by arrays of plasmonic nanoparticles, the idea is to tailor the surface dispersion occurring when the dimensions of the nanoparticles are smaller than the mean free path of(More)