Alessio Baiocco

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Megaoesophagus was observed in 82 Long-Evans rats aged 3-32 months. Clinically, the hair was coarse, the neck distended, the mouth opened, wetted by saliva and soiled by bedding material, and the respiration characterized by tachypnoea and inspiratory crackles. By radiography, after barium administration, the oesophagus was seen to be dilated and filled(More)
The problem of <i>malicious</i> false data injection in power grid state estimators has recently gained considerable attention. Most of this attention, however, has been focused on the assumption of a centralised state estimator. In a next-generation smart grid environment incorporating distributed generation and highly variable demand induced by electric(More)
We have developed an alternative model for combined "in vitro" functional and morphological studies on the rat pituitary gland. To test its use for biochemical investigations we studied some aspects of the secretion in pituitary thyrotrophs under basal conditions and after stimulation with TRH. After stabilisation of basal TSH release, the stimulation with(More)
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