Alessio Azzoni

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A landslide susceptibility analysis is performed by means of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Cluster Analysis (CA). This kind of analysis is aimed at using ANNs to model the complex non linear relationships between mass movements and conditioning factors for susceptibility zonation, in order to identify unstable areas. The proposed method adopts CA to(More)
Even though hidden Markov models (HMMs) have been used for the automatic classification of volcanic earthquakes, their usage has been so far limited to the Bayesian scheme. Recently proposed alternatives , proven in other application scenarios, consist in building HMM-induced vector spaces where discriminative classification techniques can be applied. In(More)
Dynein light chains mediate the interaction between the cargo and the dynein motor complex during retrograde microtubule-mediated transport in eukaryotic cells. In this study, we expressed and characterized the recombinant human dynein light chain Rp3 and developed a modified variant harboring an N-terminal DNA-binding domain (Rp3-Db). Our approach aimed to(More)
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