Alessia Serra

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OBJECTIVES To examine the part played by psychological factors in complaints about visual health reported by banking officers who work at video display terminals (VDTs). METHODS Out of a population of 385 bank workers, a group of 212 subjects without organic visual disturbances (as determined by ophthalmological examination) who share a work environment(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing health problem of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has only recently attracted the attention of psychosocial research, especially among subjects at higher risk (e.g. intravenous drug users; IDUs). The aim of the present study was to compare emotional stress symptoms, psychosocial variables (i.e. social support, external locus of(More)
Firefighters are required to wear fire-protection devices when involved in hazardous work situations. To determine whether fire protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) affect maximal physical work performance and to assess their additional energy requirement, we studied a cohort of Italian firemen while performing a rapid air-stair(More)
  • Alessia Serra
  • Bulletin of the Natural Family Planning Council…
  • 1981
Genetic errors of many kinds are connected with the reproductive processes and are favored by a nunber of largely uncontrollable, endogenous, and/or exogenous factors. For a long time human beings have taken into their own hands the control of this process. The regulation of fertility is clearly a forceful request to any family, to any community, were it(More)
The incidence and prevalence of end-stage renal disease increased steadily for 35 years in the population of Italy's Mantua province until the end of 2007, when they started to decrease. We describe the results of providing information and raising awareness among residents of the province's capital, Mantua, and of direct teaching and short training courses(More)
Within the context of the health protection of employees working with monitors and personal computers, we evaluated the capacity of certain ophthalmologic tests, which can be used by corporate medical doctors even if they have not received specific ophthalmologic training, to identify ophthalmologic-visual conditions which should be referred to a(More)
Our study examined the respiratory function of 92 firemen whose main activity is fire fighting in forests and open country. Such fire fighting activities are to be considered a risk to the respiratory tract, taking into account studies already in the literature that have evaluated the nature and quantity of inhalable toxins present in activities of this(More)
The aim of this study was to report the frequency of kidney diseases related to gender, age, clinical presentation and renal function at the time of kidney biopsy in the population of Mantua province (400,000 residents). We collected the results of 132 real-time ultrasound-guided fine-needle (18 G) kidney biopsies by optical and immunofluorescence(More)
Firefighting is a high-hazard job for hearth disease, smoke exposure, physical exertion, psychological stressors and noise increase cardiovascular risk among fire fighters. In U.S.A. during the period 1984-2011 45% of on-duty fire fighter fatalities were due to sudden cardiac death. However numerous mortality studies have not shown consistent evidence of an(More)