Alessia Saggese

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Thanks to recent technological advances, there are now many potential applications for robotics including multi-agent systems. The aim of the RoboCare Project is to study issues and challenges involved in the design of systems for the care of the elderly that adopt both fixed and mobile heterogeneous agents. These agents can be robots, intelligent sensors(More)
Audio analytic systems are receiving an increasing interest in the scientific community, not only as stand alone systems for the automatic detection of abnormal events by the interpretation of the audio track, but also in conjunction with video analytics tools for enforcing the evidence of anomaly detection. In this paper we present an automatic recognizer(More)
In the last decades, several systems based on video analysis have been proposed for automatically detecting accidents on roads to ensure a quick intervention of emergency teams. However, in some situations, the visual information is not sufficient or sufficiently reliable, whereas the use of microphones and audio event detectors can significantly improve(More)
Fire causes irreversible damage to fragile natural ecosystems and greatly affects the socio-economic systems of many nations especially in the tropics where forest fires are more prevalent. Early detection of these fires may help reduce these impacts. Conventional point smoke and fire detectors are widely used in buildings. They typically detect the(More)
An abnormal behavior of a moving vehicule or a moving person is characterized by an unusual or not expected trajectory. The definition of exptected trajectories refers to supervised learning where an human operator should define expected behaviors. Conversely, definition of usual trajectories, requires to learn automatically the dynamic of a scene in order(More)