Alessia Romeo

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We study the feedback from an AGN on stellar formation within its host galaxy, mainly using one high resolution numerical simulation of the jet propagation within the interstellar medium of an early-type galaxy. In particular, we show that in a realistic simulation where the jet propagates into a two-phase ISM, star formation can initially be slightly(More)
We use a set of twelve high-resolution N-body/hydrodynamical simulations in the ΛCDM cosmology to investigate the origin and formation rate of fossil groups (FGs), which are X-ray bright galaxy groups dominated by a large elliptical galaxy, with the second brightest galaxy being at least two magnitudes fainter. The simulations invoke star formation,(More)
The study of the physical properties and scaling relations of the Intra-Cluster Medium (ICM) can give particularly useful information about the origin of galaxy clusters, as well as on their global star formation histories and dynamical evolution. We have performed a series of N-body/hydrodynamical (TreeSPH) simulations of clusters and groups of galaxies,(More)
Electronic skins aim at providing distributed sensing and computation in a large-area and elastic membrane. Control and addressing of high-density soft sensors will be achieved when thin film transistor matrices are also integrated in the soft carrier substrate. Here, we report on the design, manufacturing and characterization of metal oxide thin film(More)
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