Alessia Rocchi

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It is not known whether cytokine levels in sputum may be used as outcome measures after parenteral antibiotic therapy in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. Here, we assessed the effects of antibiotic therapy on cytokine levels in sputum and serum obtained from young CF patients. Thirty-two CF patients (14 females; mean age, 18.6 years; range, 11.4-35.7 years),(More)
The long-term effects of liver transplantation on nutritional status, body composition and pulmonary function in patients with liver disease associated with cystic fibrosis (CF) are poorly defined. We studied 15 patients with CF-associated biliary cirrhosis and severe portal hypertension. Seven underwent liver transplantation (age: 14.8 +/- 6.2 years), and(More)
Phytohemagglutin-stimulated child and adult leukocytes equally supported CCR5-dependent (R5) and CXCR4-dependent (X4) HIV-1 replication. In contrast, when phytohemagglutin-stimulated leukocytes from either healthy or congenitally immunodeficient children were cultured on feeder cells, they well supported R5, but not X4 HIV-1 replication, whereas both(More)
The acute interstitial nephritis induced by azithromycin Sir, Azithromycin, a well-tolerated macrolide antibiotic that can be dosed once daily, is commonly prescribed both in children and adults with respiratory tract infections. Interstitial nephritis induced by azithromycin has been previously described in two patients [1, 2]. The first case presented(More)
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