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With the goal of the realization of a primary standard of amount-of-substance fraction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) at trace level, a dynamic generator is constructed, based on the diffusion phenomena, according to ISO 6145-8. Generator will be followed by a dilution system. In the present paper, generator performances are discussed. The analysis of(More)
Cytomorphological- and immunofluorescence-based methods are currently use for the diagnosis of malignant human tumors. However, morphological overlaps between tumor and normal cell types frequently occur. Recently, a change in cell elasticity of tissues has been recognized as a marker of tissues metastatic potential. Atomic force Microscope (AFM) can(More)
The validation of the AFM method for elastic modulus E measurement in soft materials (E <5 MPa) is still missing. The interest of measurements in materials with E <5 MPa is mainly biological, including soft tissues and single cells. For the diagnosis of malignant human tumors, a change in cell elasticity, within tissues, has recently been recognized as a(More)
Lipids and lipoproteins concentration in human plasma are directly correlated to the risk of C cardiovascular diseases. Enumeration of certain classes of lipoproteins by their size, e.g. mean and modal diameter, wants to be developed in alternative of the traditionally used method based of their density. Traceable size measurement of certified nanospheres(More)
Exposure assessment may be performed by ambient air monitoring and by biological monitoring (BM) of body fluids. The main analytical technique in BM, for the analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in blood and urine, is the static head-space technique followed by capillary gas chromatography with different detectors. The actual measurement(More)
Recent studies recognized the cell stiffness changes as a marker for cancer detection. Reliable and reproducible measurements of elastic modulus, mapping different cell regions are the basis for developing a new methodology for cancer detection. To this aim, a metrological characterized AFM microscope has been developed, micro- and nano-indentation of soft(More)
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