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OBJECTIVE To test the intra-individual reliability in response to anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (AtDCS). METHODS 45 healthy subjects received AtDCS (1 mA, 13 min) in two separate sessions, 6-12 months apart. Motor evoked potentials were collected at baseline and then at 5-min intervals after AtDCS for 1h. Short intracortical inhibition(More)
The method selected by the SFBC (Société française de biologie clinique) is derived from the colorimetric reaction of creatinine with alkaline picrate, measured kinetically, without any pretreatment step. The key parameters of the reaction determining the quality of the results are studied, with special regard to samples including known interferents. The(More)
Tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) is a xyloglucan of vegetable origin, recently proposed for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market as a " green " alternative to hyaluronic acid. In this study, TSP water dispersions, at different concentrations, were characterized by means of rheological measurements, both in continuous and oscillatory flow conditions. The(More)
Enantiomerically pure 1,3-diols 1-3 were obtained by a chemoenzymatic approach (lipase PS from Burkholderia cepacia). These diols were converted into useful chiral synthons, which could be considered homologues of glyceraldehyde and glyceric acid acetonides. Applications of these synthons to the de novo synthesis of sugars and preparation of conagenin(More)
A selected method for the determination of creatinine in plasma, using the reaction with alkaline picrate without prior pretreatment has been proposed by the Commission 'Validation de techniques' in the SFBC (Société Française de biologie clinique). The transferability step was conducted in seven laboratories, equipped with different automatic analyzers,(More)
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