Alessandro de Rinaldis

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In several practical applications actuators are interconnected to a controlled plant through long cables. If the actuator operates at a fast sampling rate (with respect to the propagation delay of the cable) and its impedance cannot be neglected, wave reflections will occur and the transmitted pulse will be deformed—degrading the control quality. To(More)
In this paper we propose an approximated current– injection implementation of the wave reflection compensators derived in our previous works that can be easily realized with current technology. First, the (discrete) transfer function of the compensator is approximated by its truncated series. Then, the resulting finite impulse response is realized with(More)
In this paper an analogy between mechanical and electrical systems is presented, where, in contrast to the traditional analogy, position dependence of the mass inertia matrix is allowed. In order to interpret the mechanical system in an electrical manner, a pseudo-inductor element is introduced to cope with inductor elements with voltage-dependent(More)
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