Alessandro Zocco

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Virtual reality technology brings numerous advantages to many different application fields and the continuous increase in computational power and network speed means that it is possible to find new methods to improve training and reduce education costs. It is becoming feasible to realize multiuser systems via networks and interactive applications with world(More)
AIM Several studies focus on the psychic development of extremely low birth weight (ELBW) preterm infants and highlight the presence of neurological, cognitive and relating disorders. Several contributions have in fact shown that in these subjects in school age disturbances of cognitive functions may be encountered; in particular, disturbances of specific(More)
This paper reports first results following construction of the W7X stellarator, confirming the accuracy of the field coils by identifying the flux surfaces produced by the vacuum field. The successful construction of W7X is indeed a capstone achievement, requiring both extraordinary engineering precision and, importantly, sustained political willpower. (One(More)
Network Centric Warfare can be accomplished thanks to a network of geographically distributed forces, granting a flow of increased contents, quality and timeliness of information, building up a shared situational awareness. When this flow is displayed to an operator, there is the possibility of reaching a state of information overload. To avoid this(More)
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