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In an arbitrary unitary 4D CFT we consider a scalar operator φ, and the operator φ 2 defined as the lowest dimension scalar which appears in the OPE φ × φ with a nonzero coefficient. Using general considerations of OPE, conformal block decomposition, and crossing symmetry, we derive a theory-independent inequality [φ 2 ] ≤ f ([φ]) for the dimensions of(More)
Guanine nucleotide-exchange factors (GEFs) activate ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) GTPases that recruit coat proteins to membranes to initiate transport vesicle formation. Three mammalian GEFs are inhibited by brefeldin A (BFA). GBF1, predominantly associated with cis-Golgi membranes, functions early in the secretory pathway, whereas BIG1 and BIG2 act in(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the influence of gender and level of experience on shade matching quality. METHODS A study was simultaneously performed at 15 universities located in 9 countries. A total of 614 color normal participants completed all phases of the experiment. Among them, there were 305 females and 309 males, 319 dental students and 295 dental(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess depth of cure (DOC), degree of conversion (DC), and flexural strength (FS) of several resin composites with low-stress behavior. METHODS SonicFill (Kerr), SureFil(®) SDR™ (Dentsply), everX Posterior (GC), Kalore (GC), and Filtek Silorane (3M ESPE) were tested. DOC was measured with the Acetone Shake test. DC was assessed with Fourier(More)
This in vivo study examined the contribution of remaining coronal dentin and placement of a prefabricated (LP) or customized fiber post (ES) to the six-year survival of endodontically treated premolars. A sample of 345 patients provided 6 groups of 60 premolars each in need of endodontic treatment. Groups were classified according to the number of remaining(More)
OBJECTIVES The interest on intraoral scanners for digital impressions has been growing and new devices are continuously introduced on the market. It is timely to verify whether the several scanners proposed for full-arch digital impressions have been tested under clinical conditions for validity, repeatability, reproducibility, as well as for time(More)
PURPOSE This retrospective study evaluated treatment outcome of cast post and core and Composipost systems after 4 yrs of clinical service. MATERIALS AND METHODS 200 patients were included in the study. They were divided in two groups of 100 endodontically treated teeth restored with a post. Group 1: Composipost systems were luted into root canal(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the clinical performance of C-Posts, AEstheti Posts and AEstheti Plus Posts after a period of clinical service ranging from 1-6 yrs. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1,304 posts were included in the study: 840 Composiposts, 215 AEstheti posts and 249 AEstheti Plus posts were placed into endodontically treated teeth. Four combinations of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate in vitro the dentin morphology in root canals in terms of tubule orientation, density and increase in surface area after etching. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty anterior teeth were divided in 3 groups at random: the samples of Group 1 were used to study tubular morphology in SEM. Groups 2 and 3 samples were etched with 32% phosphoric(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the effectiveness of three 'one-bottle' and two 'three step' adhesive systems (as controls) in the formation of resin tags, adhesive lateral branches and a resin dentin interdiffusion zone (RDIZ) when used to bond fiber posts under clinical conditions. This study was performed using standardized(More)