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In an arbitrary unitary 4D CFT we consider a scalar operator φ, and the operator φ 2 defined as the lowest dimension scalar which appears in the OPE φ × φ with a nonzero coefficient. Using general considerations of OPE, conformal block decomposition, and crossing symmetry, we derive a theory-independent inequality [φ 2 ] ≤ f ([φ]) for the dimensions of(More)
We derive constraints on the sign of couplings in an effective Higgs Lagrangian using prime principles such as the naturalness principle, global symmetries, and unitarity. Specifically, we study four dimension-six operators, O H , O y , O g , and O γ , which contribute to the production and decay of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), among(More)
We continue the study of model-independent constraints on the unitary Conformal Field Theories in 4-Dimensions, initiated in arXiv:0807.0004. Our main result is an improved upper bound on the dimension ∆ of the leading scalar operator appearing in the OPE of two identical scalars of dimension d: φ d × φ d = 1 + O ∆ +. .. In the interval 1 < d < 1.7 this(More)
The aim was to assess the influence of cement translucency on the retentive strength of luted fiber posts. Twenty extracted human premolars were randomly divided into four equal groups, based on the combinations of materials to be tested. Two post types of the same size, shape, and chemical composition, but different light-transmission properties(More)
TriLuxe ceramic blocks for chairside CAD/CAM procedures are color layered to allow natural esthetics, and only require subsequent glazing. The purpose of this study was to compare color repeatability of different batches of TriLuxe blocks. The three commercially available shades (1M2C, 2M2C, 3M2C) of TriLuxe blocks for the Cerec CAD/CAM system were(More)
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