Alessandro Venturi

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The inclusive production of the ω(782) vector meson in hadronic Z decays is measured and compared to model predictions. The analysis is based on 4 million hadronic Z decays recorded by the ALEPH detector between 1991 and 1995. The production rate for x p = p meson /p beam > 0.05 is measured in the ω → π + π − π 0 decay mode and found to be 0.585 ± 0.019(More)
The full LEP-1 data set collected with the ALEPH detector at the Z pole during 1991-1995 is analysed in order to measure the τ decay branching fractions. The analysis follows the global method used in the published study based on 1991-1993 data, but several improvements are introduced, especially concerning the treatment of photons and π 0 's. Extensive(More)
AIM To assess anti-neuronal antibodies (NA) prevalence and their correlation with neurological disorders and bowel habits in celiac disease (CD) patients. BACKGROUND Neurological manifestations are estimated to occur in about 10% of celiac disease patients and NA to central nervous system (CNS) and enteric nervous system (ENS) are found in a significant(More)
A number of accessible RDF stores are populating the linked open data world. The navigation on data reticular relationships is becoming every day more relevant. Several knowledge base present relevant links to common vocabularies while many others are going to be discovered increasing the reasoning capabilities of our knowledge base applications. In this(More)
We present the neuroimaging and clinical findings in 2 nonalcoholic adult patients with WE as assessed by MR imaging. The first patient presented with gait ataxia and changes in consciousness. MR imaging disclosed bilateral lesions in the dorsal striatum and cerebellum. None of the regions typically affected in WE were involved. The second patient showed(More)
The triple gauge-boson couplings involving the W are determined using data samples collected with the ALEPH detector at mean centre-of-mass energies of 183 GeV and 189 GeV, corresponding to integrated luminosities of 57 pb −1 and 174 pb −1 , respectively. The couplings, g Z 1 , κ γ and λ γ , are measured using W-pair events, single-W production and single-γ(More)
We used transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to explore if an impairment of central sensory function produced by an isolated lesion in the cervical posterior white columns would change motor cortex excitability. Cortical silent period duration was prolonged when compared with the control subjects, while central motor conduction and motor thresholds were(More)
The rate of gluon splitting into c¯ c pairs in hadronic Z decays is measured using the data sample collected by ALEPH from 1991 to 1995. The selection is based on the identification of leptons (electrons and muons) originating from semileptonic charm decays, and on the topological properties of signal events. The result derived from the selected sample is g(More)
The four-jet nal state is analyzed to search for hadronic decays of pair-produced heavy particles. The analysis uses the ALEPH data collected at LEP in November 1995 at centre-of-mass energies of 130 and 136 GeV, corresponding to a total integrated luminosity of 5.7 pb ?1. An excess of four-jet events is observed with respect to the standard model(More)