Alessandro Valenti

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The present paper deals with energy saving in IP networks and proposes a distributed energy-aware traffic engineering solution, named DAISIES, for switching off network links according to traffic variations. DAISIES works in a connection-oriented network, e.g. an IP/MPLS network, and follows a routing-based approach, i.e. it acts on the routing algorithm(More)
—This paper proposes a novel power-aware routing and wavelength assignment (PA-RWA) algorithm to be applied to a transparent wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical network. The proposed algorithm aims at improving the energy efficiency of the optical network by leaving unused optical fibres as much as possible in order to minimize the number of(More)
With one third of the world population online in 2013 and an international Internet bandwidth multiplied by more than eight since 2006, the ICT sector is a non-negligible contributor of worldwide greenhouse gases emissions and power consumption. Indeed, power consumption of telecommunication networks has become a major concern for all the actors of the(More)
A number of studies report the benefit of proper oil spraying in positive-displacement compressors. This work presents a thermodynamic model for simulating sliding-vane air compressors that employ an injection system for the lubricating oil based on both plain orifices and pressure-swirl nozzles to exploit the thermal effect of sprayed oil inside the(More)
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