Alessandro Stefanini

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Several studies have shown, in different populations, that modest elevation of plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) in the range seen in apparently healthy individuals is a strong predictor of future vascular events. Elevated plasma CRP concentrations are also associated with an increased risk of cerebrovascular events and an increased(More)
Development projects supported by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) should be judged by their contribution to the sustainability of the local system. Institutions and their respective responsibilities need to be clearly defined. Management training must be deeply rooted in local activities. Financing must include a realistic plan for meeting long-term(More)
The correlation coefficients between left and right activity in the various frequency bands of the EEG signal were computed during sleep for 11 normal adults. The values of the correlation during REM sleep were compared with those for NREM sleep. This comparison was performed 'locally,' i.e., during each period of the REM-NREM cycle, as well as over the(More)
Hopf's technique was used to measure maximal and minimal motor nerve conduction velocities, and the percentage of fibres with intermediate velocity, in the posterior tibial nerve in patients with myotonic dystrophy. A reduction of maximal and minimal conduction velocities was found. The distribution of fibres with intermediate velocity was nearly identical(More)
AIM To study safety, clinical and operative feasibility of continuous veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH) with anticoagulation only of the filter in patients at risk for bleeding. METHODS This prospective, comparative, non randomised study was completed at an intensive care unit of a teaching NHS hospital. Sixteen liver transplant (LT) recipients with acute(More)
An important strategy to make a better use of the scarce resources available to the health sector in developing countries should focus on strengthening the referral system. Hospitals overcrowded with patients who could be more cheaply treated in smaller facilities is a common feature of poorly functioning referral systems. After defining what is meant by(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to evaluate the nurses' knowledge and to highlight the causes that hinder guidelines implementation. METHODS EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN descriptive study. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS 106 nurses working in the ICUs of a major Italian hospital of national importance. INTERVENTION administration of a questionnaire listing 21(More)
The authors carried out a coprological survey in Pemba Island, analysing, by modified Ritchie technique, 413 stools samples. The specimens were collected among the population from apparently healthy subjects chosen at random in a number equal to 2% of the whole population. The examined subjects were divided in 3 age groups, 211 were males, 202 females. The(More)
The interhemispheric relationship during sleep in elderly subjects was studied throughout the night by a minute-by-minute computation of two linear correlation coefficients between right and left EEG activities. One of these coefficients (X delta) related to the 1-4-Hz band activity, and the other (X sigma) to the 12.5-14.5-Hz band activity. For five of the(More)