Alessandro Spadoni

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Periodic arrays of shunted, piezoelectric patches are employed to control waves propagating over the surface of plate structures, and corresponding vibrations. The shunted, piezoelectric patches act as sources of impedance mismatch, which gives rise to interference phenomena resulting from the interaction between incident, reflected and transmitted waves.(More)
Acoustic lenses are employed in a variety of applications, from biomedical imaging and surgery to defense systems and damage detection in materials. Focused acoustic signals, for example, enable ultrasonic transducers to image the interior of the human body. Currently however the performance of acoustic devices is limited by their linear operational(More)
The goal of the present study was to evaluate the influence of the formulation and operating conditions on pellet preparation by pan technique. To this end, a new pelletization process, typified by the application of powdered drug on sugar-based cores using the GS coating system was studied. Inert cores were intermittently treated with micronized drug(More)
Aim of the research was to verify the impact of plant protection products on three significant agricultural areas of Regione Lazio: Maccarese, Cisterna di Latina, Sabaudia-Terracina. This research studied the presence of some active ingredients, indicated by technicians as distributed, on soil, water, crop and air samples, the last one in greenhouse; the(More)
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