Alessandro Severo Alves de Melo

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A male, 20-year-old patient with hematochezia and enteror-rhagia associated with weight loss. Colonoscopy demonstrated nonspecific rectitis, and histopathological analysis was compatible with Crohn's disease. The treatment was initiated and remission was observed. After five months, the medication was interrupted without medical advice, and recurrence of(More)
337 Primary intercavernous lymphoma of the central nervous system Linfoma intercavernoso primário do sistema nervoso central A male, 63-year-old, HIV-negative patient was admitted to the hospital with intermittent frontal headache, right facial pain and diplopia for at least two months. Neurological examination revealed both cranial nerves VI paresis and(More)
In Brazil, without considering the non-melanoma skin tumors, bladder cancer in men is the eighth most common, and the urothelial carcinoma or transitional cell carcinoma is the most common among these. Cutaneous metastases from urothelial neoplasms appear as single or multiple erythematous, infiltrated nodules or plaques, and like other cases of distant(More)
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