Alessandro Sapienza

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In this article, we are interested in the fact that relevance and trustworthiness of information acquired by an agent X from a source F strictly depends and derives from X's trust in F with respect to the kind of information. In particular, we are interested in analyzing the relevance of F's category as indicator for its trustworthiness with respect to the(More)
In this work we present a study about cognitive agents that have to learn how their different information sources can be more or less trustworthy in different situations and with respect to different hydrogeolog-ical phenomena. We introduced an ad-hoc Bayesian trust model that we created and used in the simulations. We also describe the realized platform(More)
In MAS studies on Trust building and dynamics the role of direct/personal experience and of recommendations and reputation is proportionally overrated; while the importance of inferential processes in deriving the evaluation of trustees' trustworthiness is underestimated and not exploited. In this paper we focus on the importance of generalized knowledge:(More)