Alessandro Sapienza

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In this article, we are interested in the fact that relevance and trustworthiness of information acquired by an agent X from a source F strictly depends and derives from X's trust in F with respect to the kind of information. In particular, we are interested in analyzing the relevance of F's category as indicator for its trustworthiness with respect to the(More)
— We start from the claim that trust in information sources is just a kind of social trust. We are interested in the fact that the relevance and the trustworthiness of the information acquired by an agent X from a given number of sources strictly depends and derives from the X's trust on each of these sources with respect the kind of that information. In(More)
In this work we present a study about cognitive agents that have to learn how their different information sources can be more or less trustworthy in different situations and with respect to different hydrogeolog-ical phenomena. We introduced an ad-hoc Bayesian trust model that we created and used in the simulations. We also describe the realized platform(More)
— In this work we want to provide a tool for handling information coming from different information sources. In fact the real world we often have to deal with different sources asserting different things and, in order to decide, it is necessary to consider properly each of them trying to put this information together. According to us, a good way to do it is(More)