Alessandro Santoni

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A single trial technique has been used for the analysis of neuromagnetic signals. This method, applied to evoked magnetoencephalograms, permitted us to evaluate the dynamics of brain responses under repetitive somatosensory stimulation. Two different phenomena have been investigated: synchronized spontaneous activity (SSA), elicited by bursts of stimuli at(More)
The study of the responsivity of the human brain at different rates of sensory stimulation has provided several pieces of information on brain functionality. The new analysis technique used in this study permits us to investigate the dynamics of these responses and to obtain a larger amount of statistical data to allow for fine frequency discrimination.(More)
Quantitative evaluation of models with stochastic timings can decisively support schedulability analysis and performance engineering of real-time concurrent systems. These tasks require modeling formalisms and solution techniques that can encompass stochastic temporal parameters firmly constrained within a bounded support, thus breaking the limits of(More)
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