Alessandro Santo

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• Background: Lesions resembling those of human retinopathy of prematurity can be provoked in newborn Wistar rats by exposure to an FiO2 of 80% for the first 5 days of life followed by 5 days recovery under room-air conditions. • Methods: We evaluated the effects of moderate hyperbarism (+60.75 kPa, i.e. 455 mmHg or 0.6 atm) and topical administration of(More)
• Background: Technical advances in neonatal intensive care have significantly increased the number of very low birth-weight babies that survive the perinatal period. Some of these infants develop severe retinopathy of prematurity that may lead to retinal detachment. • Methods: Between November 1988 and January 1994, 28 eyes from 15 preterm babies underwent(More)
The purpose of this study was to establish whether exposure to intense lighting favors the development or aggravates experimental oxygen-induced retinopathy in the new-born rat. Five groups of Wistar rats were studied. The control group was maintained for the first 14 days of life under conditions of cyclical (12L∶12D) lighting at 12 Lx in room air. Two(More)
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