Alessandro Sabato

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Excitability and conductivity of corticospinal tracts of 10 volunteers were investigated by motor-evoked potentials (MEPs) to transcranial magnetic brain stimulation, before and after anesthetic block of right median (sensory + motor) and radial (sensory) nervous fibers at the wrist. MEPs were simultaneously recorded from two ulnar-supplied muscles during(More)
Basal thyroid function was assessed from the serum thyroxine, triiodothyronine, and thyroid-stimulating hormone concentrations in 1 14 patients (mean age 13 * 6 years), designated group 1, with thalassaemia major. Forty of these patients were further evaluated (group 2) for serum-free thyroxine, and free and reverse triiodothyronine concentrations. The(More)
Latency and amplitude characteristics of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) from abductor digiti minimi (ADM) and first dorsal interosseus (FDI) muscles were evaluated in 7 healthy volunteers via magnetic transcranial stimulation of the hemiscalp overlying contralateral motor areas. MEPs in complete relaxation and during contraction were recorded in two(More)
Cortical motor maps of first dorsal interosseus (FDI), abductor digit minimi (ADM) and wrist flexors muscles were produced following transcranial focal magnetic stimulation of the contralateral motor areas in seven volunteers. Motor evoked potentials (MEPs) were recorded before and during median and radial nerves anaesthetic block at wrist. Results(More)
Neuromagnetic fields from the left cerebral hemisphere of three healthy, right-handed subjects were investigated preceding and during voluntary index finger movements performed every 8-15 s under two different experimental conditions: before (stage A) and during (stage B) anesthetic block of median and radial nerves at the wrist. The anesthesia caused(More)
One hundred and eight children presenting with Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection were assessed during the acute illness and followed for three years. The incidence of wheezing with the acute infection (40%) was greater than expected in a normal childhood population. The initial illness precipitated wheezing for the first time in some subjects but others(More)
The aim of this paper is to update with personal contributions the progress thus far accomplished in the clinical application of hyperthermia (HT) in cancer and chronic infectious diseases. The HT treatment has been successfully developed since the 1970s in cancer patients in whom it showed positive results consisting of complete or partial clinical(More)
Treatment of HIV and related malignancies with pharmacologic and biologic agents has not appreciably modified the course of disease. Immunologic impairment remains the critical factor in response. We report the long-term results of a single session of low-flow (0.3 L/min) extracorporeal perfusion hyperthermia on 29 men and 2 women with disseminated Kaposi's(More)
Gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GRH) was administered to 54 patients (39 prepubertal and 15 pubertal) with beta-thalassaemia major to assess pituitary gonadotrophin secretory reserve. Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) was also administered to 10 of the prepubertal boys to assess gonadal endocrine function. Many patients, some with and some without(More)