Alessandro Russo

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We propose a family of mimetic discretization schemes for elliptic problems including convection and reaction terms. Our approach is an extension of the mimetic methodology for purely diffusive problems on unstructured polygonal and polyhedral meshes. The a priori error analysis relies on the connection between the mimetic formulation and the lowest order(More)
Since the publication of this article, the authors have identified an error within Table 2, namely that the AML subgroups listed at the bottom of the table were incorrect. The correct table is shown here. The article has also been rectified, and now carries the correct information. The Publishers apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. a TCGA b(More)
Esemplare fuori commercio per il deposito legale agli effetti della Legge 15 aprile 2004 n.106. Abstract. A two-step preconditioned iterative method based on the Hermitian/Skew-Hermitian splitting is applied to the solution of nonsymmetric linear systems arising from the Finite Element approximation of convection-diffusion equations. The theoretical(More)
The filamentous actinomycete Microbispora ATCC-PTA-5024 produces the lantibiotic NAI-107, which is an antibiotic peptide effective against multidrug-resistant Gram-positive bacteria. In actinomycetes, antibiotic production is often associated with a physiological differentiation program controlled by a complex regulatory and metabolic network that may be(More)
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