Alessandro Pozzi

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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of immediate full-arch fixed maxillary prosthesis supported by two axial and four tilted implants after 3 years of loading. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two patients with atrophic maxilla were consecutively enrolled and treated. Each patient received a fixed(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to retrospectively evaluate the implant and prosthetic survival and success rates of zirconia-based, implant-supported, screw-retained, cross-arch restorations up to 5 years after placement. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-two consecutive edentulous patients (11 males and females, each; mean age 68.3 years) received 26(More)
OBJECTIVES This randomised, controlled multicentre trial aimed at comparing two versions of a variable-thread dental implant design to a standard tapered dental implant design in cases of immediate functional loading for 36 months after loading. MATERIALS AND METHODS 177 patients (325 implants) were included at 12 study centres and randomly allocated into(More)
PURPOSE To compare two different impression techniques for implants in totally edentulous patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 38 patients had impressions taken both using plaster and splinted vinyl polysiloxane (splinted-VPS). Two casts per patient were generated and allocated as test (plaster) and control (splinted-VPS) cast groups according to a(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM In the posterior maxilla, tooth loss is usually associated with alveolar bone resorption and sinus pneumatization, limiting the placement of implants without grafting procedures. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate a minimally invasive treatment of the atrophic posterior maxilla, with axial and tilted implants and(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM In patients with an altered skeletal maxillomandibular relationship and bone resorption, the rehabilitation of edentulous jaws by combining 4 implants, 2 straight medially and 2 tilted distally, may be preferred to avoid a bone augmentation procedure. PURPOSE The purpose of this single cohort 1-year prospective study was to evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Increased pretreatment gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (gammaGT) is common in patients with chronic hepatitis C and with little or no alcohol consumption. The mechanism involved in this phenomenon is unclear, and the aim of this study was to investigate factors associated with increased gammaGT levels, specifically looking at the role of(More)
PURPOSE To compare the clinical and radiological outcomes of two implant designs with different prosthetic interfaces and neck configurations. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-four partially edentate patients randomly received at least one NobelActive implant (Nobel Biocare, Göteborg, Sweden) with back-tapered collar, internal conical connection and platform(More)
The prevalence of the elderly population, as well as life expectancy, increased in the final decades of the 20th century, as described in the World Health Organization 2004 Annual Report. The edentulous condition therefore has a negative impact on the oral health-related quality of life. Patients wearing complete dentures for many years infact, and(More)
BACKGROUND Peri-implant bone loss seems to occur following implant placement/loading regardless of all the efforts to eliminate it. Several factors, including surgical trauma, biologic width establishment, lack of passive fit of the superstructures, implant-abutment microgap, and occlusal overloading, may increase peri-implant bone loss. Over the years, new(More)