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Action verbs, which are highly frequent in speech, cause disambiguation problems that are relevant to Language Technologies. This is a consequence of the peculiar way each natural language categorizes Action i.e. it is a consequence of semantic factors. Action verbs are frequently " general " , since they extend productively to actions belonging to(More)
Action verbs have many meanings, covering actions in different ontological types. Moreover, each language categorizes action in its own way. One verb can refer to many different actions and one action can be identified by more than one verb. The range of variations within and across languages is largely unknown, causing trouble for natural language(More)
The paper presents the implementation of a tool for plagiarism detection developed within the AXMEDIS project. The algorithm leverages the plagiarist behaviour, which is modeled as a combination of 3 basical actions: insertion , deletion, substitution. We recognize that this behaviour may occur at various level of the document structure: the plagiarist may(More)
In the last 20 years dictionaries and lexicographic resources such as WordNet have started to be enriched with multimodal content. Short videos depicting basic actions support the user's need (especially in second language acquisition) to fully understand the range of applicability of verbs. The IMAGACT project has among its results a repository of action(More)
The tool for keyword extraction developed within the AXMEDIS project have been designed for working in a multilingual environment and new algorithms have been developed to generate keywords with higher representativeness for content search and identification. The paper specifies the linguistic criteria followed for building language resources for French,(More)
The automatic lemmatization and morpho-syntactic annotation of spoken language is a quite recent and complex task for Natural Language Processing. The state of the art on written corpora don't provide us with a satisfactory level of analysis regarding spontaneous spoken language (Uchimoto et al., 2002; Moreno & Guirao, 2003). The spontaneous speech corpus(More)
In this paper we present a new Document Management System called DrStorage. This DMS is multi-platform, JCR-170 compliant, supports WebDav, versioning, user authentication and authorization and the most widespread file formats (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, HTML,...). It is also easy to customize in order to enhance its search capabilities and to support(More)
This paper introduces the RIDIRE-CPI, an open source tool for the building of web corpora with a specific design through a targeted crawling strategy. The tool has been developed within the RIDIRE Project, which aims at creating a 2 billion word balanced web corpus for Italian. RIDIRE-CPI architecture integrates existing open source tools as well as modules(More)