Alessandro Panarese

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OBJECTIVES Complications during aural impression-taking for hearing aids are relatively rare. We present a case to highlight the need for vigilance when taking an aural impression and review the literature to identify other cases in order to assess the range of complications encountered and the sequelae of this potentially serious problem. METHODS We(More)
Skilful airway management is critical in deep neck space infections. Although relatively uncommon, this spectrum of disease presents a clinical challenge for otolaryngologists and anesthetists. There is currently no universal agreement on the ideal method of airway control for these patients because this depends on various factors including available local(More)
Our objective was to review retrospectively patients with a unilateral acoustic neuroma managed by observation. One hundred patients with tumours (<24 mm) were followed a median 25.5 months. Thirty-six acoustic neuromas grew with four growth patterns. No factors were associated with growth. Eighty percent of growing tumours grew in the first year. Eleven(More)
BACKGROUND Warthin tumour (WT) is usually treated by surgery to establish a histologic diagnosis. Conservative management is considered appropriate for patients with significant comorbidities, making anesthesia high risk. Preoperative fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) is useful in diagnosing WT, making conservative management an option. In our(More)
OBJECTIVES It is sometimes impossible to obtain an adequate laryngeal view during rigid endoscopic laryngoscopy. This may be due to a high tongue base. Our study seeks to determine a correlation between tongue base level and the adequacy of laryngeal view obtained with a 70-degree rigid endoscope. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Over a period of 4 months,(More)
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