Alessandro Padova

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We describe the structure-guided optimization of the molecular fragments 2-amino-3-benzyloxypyridine 1 (IC(50) 1.3 mM) and 3-(2-(4-pyridyl)ethyl)indole 2 (IC(50) 35 microM) identified using X-ray crystallographic screening of p38alpha MAP kinase. Using two separate case studies, the article focuses on the key compounds synthesized, the structure-activity(More)
Poor aqueous solubility is one of the major issues in drug discovery and development, impacting negatively on all aspects of the research and development process. The pharmaceutical industry has realized that solubility issues need to be resolved at the discovery stage. We here present an innovative way to address this problem via a model designed to(More)
Enhancement of cellular senescence in tumours triggers a stable cell growth arrest and activation of an antitumour immune response that can be exploited for cancer therapy. Currently, there are only a limited number of targeted therapies that act by increasing senescence in cancers, but the majority of them are not selective and also target healthy cells.(More)
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