Alessandro Musesti

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where ν denotes the outer unit normal to ∂Ω. So far, many papers have been written on the existence and multiplicity of solutions for second order elliptic problems with Dirichlet boundary conditions, especially by means of variational methods. In particular, if Ω ⊂ R (n 3) is a smooth bounded domain, φ ∈ L(Ω) and 2 < σ < 2n n−2 , the following model(More)
It is well-known that the modelization of interactions in Continuum Physics deals with set functions associated with physical quantities rather than with functions evaluated at single points (see e.g. [7]). Very important examples of these are the stress and the heat flux. This, in turn, implies that the concept of subbody of a material body B has to be(More)
An approach to weak balance laws in Continuum Mechanics is presented, involving densities with only divergence measure, which relies on the balance of power. An equivalence theorem between Cauchy powers and Cauchy fluxes is proved. As an application of this method, the construction of the stress tensor when the body is an orientable differential manifold is(More)
In this paper we reconsider the standard formulation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in the general framework of fields with divergence measure, using Geometric Measure Theory and some recent results on Cauchy interactions. To our knowledge, the first attempt to put the Second Law of Thermodynamics within the framework of Geometric Measure Theory is(More)
We present a continuum model for the mechanical behavior of the skeletal muscle tissue when its functionality is reduced due to aging. The loss of ability of activating is typical of the geriatric syndrome called sarcopenia. The material is described by a hyperelastic, polyconvex, transverse isotropic strain energy function. The three material parameters(More)