Alessandro Mossa

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The recently discovered supersymmetric generalizations of the Langevin dynamics and Kramers equation can be utilized for the exploration of free-energy landscapes of systems whose large time-scale separation hampers the usefulness of standard molecular dynamics techniques. The first realistic application is here presented. The system chosen is a minimalist(More)
We investigate the tricritical Ising model in complex magnetic field in order to characterize the analytic structure of its free energy. By supplementing analytic methods with the truncation of conformal space technique we obtain nonperturbative data even if the field theories we consider are not integrable. The existence of edge singularities analogous to(More)
The Hamiltonian dynamics of chains of nonlinearly coupled particles is numerically investigated in two and three dimensions. Simple, off-lattice homopolymer models are used to represent the interparticle potentials. Time averages of observables numerically computed along dynamical trajectories are found to reproduce results given by the statistical(More)
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