Alessandro Mosca

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OBJECTIVE Our aim was to determine the diagnostic role of MR cholangiography in the evaluation of iatrogenic bile duct injuries after cholecystectomy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Nineteen patients (14 women and five men; mean age, 47 years; age range, 24-75 years) with suspected bile duct injury as a result of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (17 patients) and open(More)
The normative version of RDFS gives non-standard (intensional) interpretations to some standard notions such as classes and properties. In this paper we develop the extensional semantics for the RDFS vocabulary, which surprisingly preserves the simplicity and computational complexity of deduction of the intensional case. This result will impact current(More)
The Object Role Modelling (ORM2) is a conceptual modelling approach combining both textual specifications and graphical language, similar to UML and ER, and adopted by Visual Studio, the integrated development environment designed by Microsoft. This paper introduces a new linear syntax and corresponding complete set-theoretic semantics for a generalization(More)