Alessandro Melatini

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The first-line treatment for brain abscesses is still a much-debated argument. Recently, stereotactic aspiration of these lesions has gained ground as a valid alternative to the traditional medical and/or surgical therapeutical treatments. From 1991 to 1995, 9 patients affected by intracranial abscesses were surgically treated by stereotactic puncture of(More)
Preliminary reports in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) showed that subthalamic nucleus (STN) stimulation was able to reverse parkinsoniam state. Since 1998 we evaluated the safety and the efficacy of STN stimulation in 7 patients affected by advanced PD. All patients were included using CAPIT protocol. Motor functions and quality of life were(More)
Neuropsychological consequences of stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus for treatment of drug-resistant Parkinson's disease (PD) have been studied previously. However, no detailed investigations of linguistic function modifications have been carried out. We studied four consecutive patients with PD who underwent chronic bilateral stimulation of the(More)
BACKGROUND A compact intracerebral tumoral lesion is usually considered to be completely resectable. Nevertheless, radical resection of a huge lesion located in a critical area may damage the surrounding compressed brain tissue. In cases with a good prognosis, a two-step removal appears to be a safer strategy. METHODS In three cases, two with huge brain(More)
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