Alessandro Masci

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1 Introduction The paper describes the Araneus Web-Base Management System 1, 5, 4, 6], a system developed at Universitt a di Roma Tre, which represents a proposal towards the deenition of a new kind of data-repository, designed to manage Web data in the database style. We call a Web-Base a collection of data of heterogeneous nature, and more speciically:(More)
1. The ARANEUS project We consider structured Web sites, those sites in which structures are so tight and regular that we can assimilate the site, from the logical viewpoint, to a conventional database. We have argued that, with respect to structured Web servers, it is possible to apply ideas from traditional database techniques, specifically with respect(More)
The Araneus project aims at developing tools for data-management on the World Wide Web. We have implemented a system, called a Web-base Management system, for managing Web data. The system is designed to support several classes of applications: (i) high-level access to data in the Web; (ii) design, implementation and maintenance of Web sites; (iii)(More)
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