Alessandro Martinelli

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Trajectory planning and tracking are crucial tasks in any application using robot manipulators. These tasks become particularly difficult when obstacles are present in the manipulatorpsilas workspace. In this paper it is assumed that the obstacles can be approximated in a conservative way with discs. The goal is to represent the obstacles in the robot(More)
In this paper we present a solution to the problem of positioning a team of Micro Aerial Vehicles for a surveillance task in an environment of arbitrary and unknown morphology. The problem is addressed taking into account physical and environmental constraints like limited sensor capabilities and obstacle avoidance. The goal is to maximize the area(More)
The platooning is a coordination technique for teams of mobile units that aims at letting each unit to move closely to its preceding neighbour, thus forming the so-called platoon. This paper describes the design and implementation of a distributed robotics application where a team of autonomous mobile robots are coordinated to move as a platoon. The focus(More)
In this paper we propose an innovative approach to object shape and position estimation by stereometric, data mining and interpolating techniques. Our proposed system would be able to work with real-time performances. Unfortunately the most computational expensive part of our solution is clustering. To achieve our goal we also propose a new prototypes(More)
One of the most important tasks of a traditional 3D Rendering engine is the projection on the image plane of geometrical structures (such as triangles or lines). This operation takes place in the middle of the rendering pipeline, between the vertex shader and the fragment shader: its aim is just that of creating fragment data from vertex data. The solution(More)
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