Alessandro Marianantoni

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Introduction This report discusses the design and implementation of authenticated lighting control, as an example of actuation in Building Automation Systems (BAS) 1 , using Named Data Networking (NDN). It describes the application motivation and outlines preliminary designs for device bootstrapping, assigning permissions to applications, and authenticated(More)
Emerging sensor network technologies will enhance entertainment production, providing both increased expressive capabilities and significant cost savings. The authors explore fundamental challenges of deploying sensor networks for production, concentrating here on feature film sets and networked sensing in support of onset activity. Film sequences are(More)
Recently, Building Automation and Management Systems (BAS/BMS) have shifted from using proprietary protocols and specialized hardware towards widespread adoption of IP-based open-standard technologies. While the IP protocol suite improves software and hardware interoperability, practical large-scale BMS deployments face deployment challenges, including the(More)
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