Alessandro Manoli

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Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) is a powerful tool to measure gene expression levels. Accurate and reproducible results are dependent on the correct choice of the reference genes for data normalization. To date, screenings evaluating candidate reference gene stability for expression studies in maize have not been reported. In the present work, we analyzed(More)
Crop plant development is strongly dependent on nitrogen availability in the soil and on the efficiency of its recruitment by roots. For this reason, the understanding of the molecular events underlying root adaptation to nitrogen fluctuations is a primary goal to develop biotechnological tools for sustainable agriculture. However, knowledge about molecular(More)
Nitrate is an essential nutrient for plants, and crops depend on its availability for growth and development, but its presence in agricultural soils is far from stable. In order to overcome nitrate fluctuations in soil, plants have developed adaptive mechanisms allowing them to grow despite changes in external nitrate availability. Nitrate can act as both(More)
Nitrogen availability seriously affects crop productivity and environment. The knowledge of post-transcriptional regulation of plant response to nutrients is important to improve nitrogen use efficiency of crop. This research was aimed at understanding the role of miRNAs in the molecular control of plant response to nitrate. The expression profiles of six(More)
Given the importance of nitrogen for plant growth and the environmental costs of intense fertilization, an understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the root adaptation to nitrogen fluctuations is a primary goal for the development of biotechnological tools for sustainable agriculture. This research aimed to identify the molecular factors(More)
Roots are considered to be a vital organ system of plants due to their involvement in water and nutrient uptake, anchorage, propagation, storage functions, secondary metabolite (including hormones) biosynthesis, and accumulation. Crops are strongly dependent on the availability of nitrogen in soil and on the efficiency of nitrogen utilization for biomass(More)
Nitrate (NO3 (-)) is a key element for crop production but its levels in agricultural soils are limited. Plants have developed mechanisms to cope with these NO3 (-) fluctuations based on sensing nitrate at the root apex. Particularly, the transition zone (TZ) of root apex has been suggested as a signaling-response zone. This study dissects cellular and(More)
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